[Genius Hour] Week #8: Some Roadblocks

- 2 mins

I’ll just get to it, I guess. Nothing to really say here.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

I drafted chapter 4, scenes 3 and 5, and did planning for scene 6. Melissa and I also came up with a new project (you are a plant witch!!) and we’re conceptualizing that. We’ve already written pseudocode for the basic logic, and Melissa’s working on code to procedurally generate plants.

Here’s a snippet from scene 3 (forgot to add in a snippet last week for scenes 1 & 2, but whatever):

“Say, kid, you use your knife less, right?”

“I’m a bit rusty,” Izuku admitted.

“So try a knife this round. Got a substitute?”

The closest thing to a knife he found left in his pockets was a pen, the tip somewhat deformed from writing on walls, asphalt, and most of the time, his own lap. Gran Torino examined it and nodded approvingly.

“There’s your knife.”

To his credit, Todoroki took this development in an admirable amount of stride, and after Gran Torino had counted down, tried to evade the pen as if it really was a knife. But he wasn’t used to fighting bare-handed, and it showed; the spar ended with Izuku’s pen pointed at his throat.


“Yield,” Todoroki grunted, reaching up up to rub at a mark on his face. “How much ink do I have on me?”

Now that it was over, Izuku was able to take a good look at what state Todoroki was in. He winced. “A lot, actually. Sorry.”

And from scene 5:

The only sound was the sighing of the river. Cautiously, Izuku glanced at Todoroki, who was staring straight ahead.

“Aren’t you going to say something?”

“Do you want me to say something?” Todoroki returned, dipping his right hand into the water. Frost formed, broke and dissolved in the current, then formed again. “Knowing all of that doesn’t change how I see you. Negatively, at least.”

Like running colors, the trail of glass-white streamed out from his hand, growing a bit longer each time the frost broke. Izuku felt around for any more pebbles and came up empty. He was about to move down the bank and start searching there when Todoroki called his name. Cupped in his hands was a pile of ice chunks, the rougher edges smoothed out by heat.

“Do these work?”

Izuku laughed until he wheezed and took the whole pile.

What did I fail to accomplish?

Sanctum kind of…died. Or at least I confess I neglected it this week. There’s a strange bug on the web version that breaks requests, and I haven’t quite mustered up the motivation to try and deal with it… So it’s not published yet, obviously.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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