[Genius Hour] Week #6: Going Really Fast But Somehow I'm on a Different Path Now But I Don't Really Mind

- 1 min

Subtitle: but damn programming feels good.

I went way off-course this week but I don’t regret it, because I started a new project I’ve gotten really attached to. It’s been so long since I last felt that kind of “flow” state - when you’re so engrossed in whatever you’re doing, you don’t feel like eating, or doing anything else. I was in flow this weekend, working on the project…and it felt awesome.

What project, you may ask? Well…

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Sanctum is a game I came up with on Friday after Kathy showed me A Dark Room. It’s part a musical text adventure, part dynamic poetry (or at least I’d like it to be). No screenshots right now because it’s still hella ugly, but I’ve made a lot of progress this weekend and I’m pumped!

I also tried to do Ethereum integration with Unity, but…eh, that didn’t really work out. We’re putting BFGS on hold, though, so that’s fine.

What did I fail to accomplish?

The Ethereum integration fell through, but at least I tried?

I also changed plans and ended up focusing mostly on Sanctum, so Victim of Circumstance was ignored this week. It’s not high priority, though, so that’s fine.

Going on a slight tangent: Spookometer was rejected because it apparently doesn’t do enough. So that project’s stuck for now.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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