[Genius Hour] Week #5: Pedaling Uphill

- 1 min

The thing is, I did a fair amount of stuff this week, but maybe not as much as I could’ve, and also, some of my efforts turned out to be useless because…well, I’ll elaborate below.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

I finished planning chapter 4 and started writing the first scene, and finished that, but I realized I was characterizing Okizaki really badly there… So I’ll have to rewrite that. Back to square one. Then again, writing a scene wasn’t in my original plans for this week - at least I finished planning the chapter. So, it’s not that bad of a setback - it just feels kind of bad? Eh.

Anyway, moving on - I finished and submitted Spookometer! There was a bit of a scare when I tried to put the ghost model in and it didn’t work, but I managed to fix it (turns out it was a really silly problem)! Now it’s just a matter of getting it accepted - which is in itself only a matter of time. I’ll stick a cute screenshot here:

Aren’t they precious??

What did I fail to accomplish?

Well, last week I considered doing some reading on blockchain. I didn’t do that this week, so…yeah.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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