[Genius Hour] Week #4: Switching Gears

- 2 mins

Now I’ve moved on from train puns to bike puns. Aww yeah.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

I feel like just listing won’t suffice for explaining what went on this week, so paragraphs it is.

First: I completed and published chapter 3 of Victim of Circumstance. It’s been received so well and I’m honestly overwhelmed… It’s also forcing me to flex my non-existent social skills to reply to all the comments. When in doubt, stick a couple extra exclamation points & a heart in? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Quick stats!
words 13,727
hits 6,498
kudos 846
subscriptions 520
bookmarks 312
comments 152

(I think I was at ~770 kudos when I published?)

Next: Melissa & I discussed BFGS, and…got pretty heated about it (haha). She has a clearer idea of how to implement the game logic than me, though, so I’m letting her handle that. But also, there’s the matter of February updates… I’d like to get at least one more project completed before I send my updates in. So, BFGS is on pause for me (but not for Melissa).

What am I working on instead, then? A fun little AR project, tentatively titled Spookometer! The roadblock from last week was when I couldn’t get custom models working in a demo for native ARKit, so this week I decided to try doing it with Unity instead, and got some stuff working! I’m optimistic about this project - I think I should be able to complete it without too much difficulty.

I also began planning chapter 4 of Victim of Circumstance. No idea when that’ll be coming out, though.

What did I fail to accomplish?

I intended to do more blockchain stuff this weekend, but looking at deadlines coming up, I have to prioritize other things over it. But I will be coming back to it (mark my words!!)

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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