[Genius Hour] Week #3: Chugging Along

- 2 mins

…Was that a train pun? That was a train pun. Maybe I should do another train pun next week too…

Ahem. Back on topic…

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Quick screenshot from Happiness:

When you think about it, this game makes no sense. I love it.

In terms of Victim of Circumstance: chapter 3 is over 5k words - wow! I…didn’t expect that. Haha. Hopefully this won’t be a trend? Well, anyway, here’s an excerpt:

Despite what his bony appearance suggested, Yagi pulled out the sofa bed as if it weighed nothing.

“I’ll go get some bedding,” he declared, and patted Izuku warmly on the shoulder. “Why don’t you make yourself at home?”

That was something of a tall order, Izuku thought, though he kept that to himself. Out of curiosity more than anything, he bounced a little on the mattress springs, then gave up on that when his headache started up again and ran his fingers over the woven patterns instead. It was soft: too soft, almost. And he couldn’t imagine sleeping flat on his back. A tall order, indeed.

Not that it was any fault of Yagi’s, or the apartment’s. Though it was on the small side, it was open and breathable, lit in muted yellow hues. He imagined Yagi was comfortable living here: comfortable enough to drape jackets over chairs, leave empty coffee cups on tables, stick post-it notes and pin papers to the walls.

Leaning against the arms of the couch, Izuku tipped his head back and inhaled.

It smelled like someone else’s house. Then again, for a long time, every house had been someone else’s house.

Oh, and the excerpt I posted last time ended up being revised. Looking back on it, I kind of cringe…but you know, whatever.

What did I fail to accomplish?

Augmented reality kind of hit a snag when I ran into a bug while trying to modify a demo, so I don’t have an AR project in the works. But! I did set up Ethereum, and I think I’d rather do a blockchain project instead of an AR one. We’ve already come up with a pretty interesting idea that we’ll be developing more - so I’m excited to get on that!

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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