[Genius Hour] Week #2: A Bit Off Track

- 2 mins

Two weeks in. I must confess I didn’t feel as productive this week as I did last week… But then again, I had more free time (days off) last week. Although, about the goals I set last week…well, more on that later.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Just going to list, because it was a bunch of different stuff:

What did I fail to accomplish?

The thing is, I ended up doing different things from what I’d specified in my goals the previous week, so…I don’t know what that says about my productivity. See, I originally intended to revise 3.4 this week, but I ended up planning out 3.1 & 3.2 and revising 3.3 & 3.5 instead. So…although I veered off my original goal, I guess I still made progress on Victim of Circumstance overall?

Oh, but then there’s the happiness game. Oh boy. Melissa kind of commandeered the whole project, seeing how she’s much more fluent in Unity than I am. So…I didn’t really do much there. And I don’t think Melissa’s aiming for such an early release. I want to help, but at the same time, I feel as though I might drag the project down… And the only thing she really consults me for is ideas about, say, what enemies might look like. That’s not my area of expertise at all… I want to be able to play to my strengths, but right now my strength doesn’t really…help out too much? I don’t know.

I did help her solve a bug though. I guess that counts for something.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

See, now I’m not sure if I should set super specific goals or not. I guess I can, as long as I allow some flexibility in objective without reducing productivity…and as long as I don’t neglect a project altogether…

Hm. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll say I want to:

Also, continuing the monthly challenge is a given, so…not going to write it out as an explicit goal.

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