[Genius Hour] Week #12: AP Exam Hiatus? Hm.

- 1 min

Late log because of the hackathon yesterday. Also, got accepted into USC, yay! Not quite ready to make a decision yet though. We’ll see how things turn out.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Published Victim of Circumstance

Quick stats!
words 18,862
hits 11,184
kudos 1,415
subscriptions 814
bookmarks 527
comments 292

(I don’t know why I remember this but I was at ~1230 kudos when it was published.)

Also worked more on thank-you note generator (looks decent now), then went to HackNYU where I developed a prototype for a favor marketplace.

What did I fail to accomplish?

Didn’t end up publishing the thank-you note generator, but that’s fine because it should integrate into a larger idea instead (mesh it with the favor marketplace and then some).

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

AP exams are coming up so I may cut back on Genius Hour stuff, though I’ll focus the cuts on Victim of Circumstance. But, I do want to conceptualize how to integrate the thank-you note generator into the whole idea of a quasi-goodwill market.

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