[Genius Hour] Week #11: Pitfalls and Detours

- 1 min

Can’t believe I got stalled by a dumb underscore… Ugh.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Ran into some problems with the thank-you note generator mostly due to my own oversights, so that held development up a bit but now it’s back on track. UI is pretty ugly, but essential functions are all there, I believe, so I guess that counts as an MVP. Will need refinement though.

As for Victim of Circumstance, I rewrote 4.2 so it wouldn’t have tunnels, which was unplanned, but I thought it would be better (the tunnel system was just too extravagant). I also got feedback from Melissa on all of chapter 4, so I can start revising parts now. There are still some things we need to discuss more in-depth, though - particularly 4.5. (I made some minor edits & patched some things, too.)

What did I fail to accomplish?

I wasn’t able to make the progress on Victim of Circumstance that I planned last week, but that was mainly because I was more focused on the thank-you note generator and on studying for the physics test. Plus, this isn’t a very high-priority project anyway.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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