[Genius Hour] Week #10: Snowed In

- 3 mins

Two snow days this week made for a bit more time-wasting than I would’ve liked. Plus, some setbacks I’ll mention later… But I did make decent progress on things.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Threw down the logic for the thank-you note generator and basic UI; will fine-tune templates + have proper UI and such later. A slight hiccup is that I was trying to use Flutter to develop this but that didn’t quite work (couldn’t figure out a weird error, it was just so hard to use & debug) so I’m just doing native platform stuff now. Maybe I’ll come back to Flutter later…

I also: revised 4.3, made minor edits to 4.4, and revised (more like re-wrote) 4.6 (and added in a plot point on the spot that I’m not even sure I’ll keep). Here’s an excerpt from 4.6:

“This place is annoying,“ Shigaraki declared. “Let’s go somewhere else.” The childish glee from before lit his expression back up. “I know—why don’t you show me around the south?”

“That’s—” No, Izuku wouldn’t, couldn’t let Shigaraki go there—he had to protect them, find some way to divert him. “That’s not a good idea. The gangs are really territorial—”

Shigaraki steamrollered right over his protest. “But they listen to you, don’t they? I’m sure you could talk us through.” He tilted his head, eyes narrowing. “Unless…maybe you don’t want me there.”

“Listen,” Izuku said as firmly as he could, over the buzz of panic in his head like television static, “you don’t know the gangs around here. Their top priority is protecting their members and their turf. Trust me when I say they’re not going to like a supervillain barging in.”

The look in Shigaraki’s eyes went cold. “Are you trying to tell me what to do?”

“I’m”—Izuku chose and enunciated each syllable with painful caution—“informing you of the dangers. I would advise you to consider them before doing anything.”

The neon lights against the dead night threw sharp shadows over Shigaraki’s figure. Idly, he reached up to scratch at his neck, eyes still fixed on Izuku. One sign—24/7—flickered and sputtered out. The most arbitrary observation occurred to Izuku, then: the sign was lying. There was no one in that store.

There would be no witnesses. He almost laughed.

And I open-sourced Sanctum, so there’s that. Also, not a project but I got back into cold-emailing!

What did I fail to accomplish?

It’s arguable whether what I accomplished with the thank-you note generator could be an MVP or not, but I guess it’s not quite as much as I was hoping to get done. I think I can attribute that in part to the Flutter problems…but still, I should probably work harder.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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