[Genius Hour] Week #10: Snowed In

- 1 min

Two snow days this week made for a bit more time-wasting than I would’ve liked. Plus, some setbacks I’ll mention later… But I did make decent progress on things.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

Threw down the logic for the thank-you note generator and basic UI; will fine-tune templates + have proper UI and such later. A slight hiccup is that I was trying to use Flutter to develop this but that didn’t quite work (couldn’t figure out a weird error, it was just so hard to use & debug) so I’m just doing native platform stuff now. Maybe I’ll come back to Flutter later…

I also: revised 4.3, made minor edits to 4.4, and revised (more like re-wrote) 4.6 (and added in a plot point on the spot that I’m not even sure I’ll keep). And I open-sourced Sanctum, so there’s that. Also, not a project but I got back into cold-emailing!

What did I fail to accomplish?

It’s arguable whether what I accomplished with the thank-you note generator could be an MVP or not, but I guess it’s not quite as much as I was hoping to get done. I think I can attribute that in part to the Flutter problems…but still, I should probably work harder.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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