[Genius Hour] Week #1: Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

- 3 mins

Honestly (and this kind of surprised me), it feels pretty darn good to be programming again. And also writing. And generally doing your own projects. I really missed that. So, I think that’s a good sign that I’m doing a good thing! (I already knew that logically, of course.)

Anyhow: this first week (half-week?) was pretty productive, I think. Likely the two snow days and impromptu four-day-weekend contributed, but…well. It’s only been three days since I decided to do a Genius Hour anyway.

What projects did I work on?

What did I accomplish?

I’ve finished drafting chapter 3, scene 4 (albeit with holes and rough spots, though that’s a given). I’m kind of surprised I managed that, actually, because chapter 3 has been hellishly hard to write; scene 4 has been one of the particularly tough parts. So, after much trial-and-error, the draft is done, clocking in at 1.4k words! I remember when I thought each chapter was going to be ~3k each… Haha, that’s funny.

For the happiness game: I wrote out a bunch of code relating to game logic (think data structures for spells, the player, enemies), plus attack behavior for enemies. Then I made some revisions to the sentiment analysis code (incorporated a callback) to make it easier to call/use. Then I shipped all this code off to Melissa to be integrated into the project proper and be tested, since I couldn’t really test it on my own computer (none of this code is really being used anywhere, plus I don’t have assets set up or anything). After she tests it, then we’ll see what needs to be worked on and go from there.

And for the patent: you know, it’s a patent. Dad wrote the preliminary PPA, which was pretty spot-on (we already discussed the idea previously), and I made my edits and revisions. I also exercised my major graphic design muscles (haha) and made some mockups/figures. As always, the filing process was a pain… Though at least this time, we didn’t have to call anyone! And it worked on my laptop! Huzzah!

What did I fail to accomplish?

Well, since this first “week” was really only three days, I…didn’t really have many concrete goals? I didn’t really set a goal for Victim of Circumstance since I already anticipated chapter 3 would be tough; that I finished scene 4 honestly already beat my expectations.

I guess the closest thing to a failure would be how Dad was all like, get a version of the game out by the end of the weekend. We didn’t really do that? But we’ve made good progress, and Melissa can continue to work on it while we’re in school, so I think it’s fine.

If we’re talking broad regrets or failures, though, I think I spent too much time on entertainment (Tumblr, AO3, etc.) That’s the danger of getting into new ships, and feels… I think it’s settling down, though. But exercising more self-control would definitely help.

What do I hope to accomplish next week?

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