[Genius Hour] Preface: Why, What, and How

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So I can spend more time working on meaningful, important projects that I’m enthusiastic about. Otherwise, I might lose sight of my ultimate goals in the chaos of day-to-day needs. It’d also make me happier, I think, to be able to do more things I like.


Possible projects include:


Like a traditional Genius Hour, I’ll try to enforce at least a solid 60 minutes of doing such projects each day. But since I’m not great at keeping track of time, it won’t be a super strict limit. This explicit time period will probably be the most useful on school days, where my productivity tends to be more concentrated (as compared to weekends, where it’s on-and-off all over the place and I don’t know if I’ve steadily accumulated 60+ minutes over the course of the day or not).


I’ll be writing weekly reports on Saturdays or Sundays. These must contain: a) which projects I’ve worked on that week, b) what was accomplished with those projects, c) anything I intended to accomplish but was unable to, and d) what I hope to accomplish next week.

If possible, solid evidence of accomplishments should be provided (e.g. screenshots, word counts, excerpts).

Edit 3/22/18: beginning this week, I’ll also be recording the completion of what I’ve dubbed “Stranger Saturdays” and “Thoughtful Tens.” The actual content of what I did for those will be kept local; in the log I’ll just say whether I did them or not/when I did them.

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